Mission Statement
Teatro Nahual is a Santa Clara County based organization dedicated to the education, entertainment, and provoke a reflection on current issues through the Spanish speaking theatre; including music, dance, and art. Teatro Nahual pursues the dream of preserving the Latin identity for the new generations to come that deserve to know their past, to understand their present reality and build a successful future in the United States.

La Misión
Teatro Nahual es una organización en el condado de Santa Clara. Esta organización está dedicada a la educación, entretenimiento y provocar una reflexión a través del teatro en Español; incluyendo música, danza y arte. Teatro Nahual persigue el sueño de preservar la identidad Latina para las nuevas generaciones que merecen conocer su pasado, comprender su realidad presente y construir un futuro exitoso en Los Estados Unidos.

The Origins
Theater Nahual is born out of this necessity for reflection and social awareness. It arises from the pain that is caused by driving through one of the streets in our society and seeing our Latino people forming lines in front of community shelters in hope of a free cup of coffee. It comes from the suffering that is caused upon arriving in parking lots and seeing our Latinos sitting down on the ground selling flowers. It is born when watching the news on television about the raids on Latino Communities in our cities and airports. It is born from the pain suffered by thousands of Latinos, hoping for a better life, who cross borders, rivers and deserts only to find death and desolation. We believe that the immigrant population is capable of adapting to a new society without forgetting its origins and values, which after all, are the only things that make a human being complete and dignified in a society.

With our plays, we would like to tell our Latino public: “feel proud of your roots, feel proud of passing to your
children your customs and traditions and do speak Spanish here and anywhere you live, you may be in a foreign country but do not fear knowing two cultures and two languages, contrary to what some people say, your children will be considered assets to their families and society in general, remember those who speak more languages excel in school and obtain better salaries, insist in a good education and demand from your school district that bilingual education is not eliminated from curriculums, ultimately your children have the best instructors that they could ever want: their parents.”

Veronica Meza
Artistic Director